The coach and his friends

Miguel and a fine group of qualified surf coaches are the dedicated team to our students and all those that wish to face surf as a way of life.



I was born and raised in Nazaré,I´m grandson of a long line of fishermen. Since I was 8 years old , I´m a constant presence in the waters of Nazaré, first with bodyboarding and a little bit later with surfing. My connection to the Sea, helped me always to overpass my personal and professional obstacles. I´m graduated in Mechanical Engineering, and at some point of my life I tough that the best moments of my professional life didn’t correspond to my unification as a integrate and conscious person, leading me to rediscover myself through my great passion, the Surf. Over the years I successfully obtained the certificate of Surf Coach by FPS ( Portuguese surfing Federation), ISA Level 2 (International Surf Association) and Stand Up Paddle Coach by ASUPP.

“I remember when I was a kid together with my friends to slide in the waves with small block of foam and the sense of freedom that I felt with my first contact with the Ocean and with the waves would last until today. Only the freedom and pleasure that each one of us got in each wave surfed was all that matters. This project is conducted by me and with the help of my friends, who accompanies me since my childhood. All our love for the Ocean is Surf4 You body and soul.

We wish that we can give you the same feelings of freedom and peace that the Ocean provides.”


Surf is a way of life

It's for those who wish to achieve perfect harmony with the ocean and themselves.

Where are we

We are where are good waves and good company. We’re located in Nazaré, Portugal. Contact us.