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Frequently asked questions

Why “Personal Surf Coaching”?

Actors, sportsmen, football payers, among others, have a coach. Business men and women have their advisors, mentors to help them achieving success. Some people have financial, marriage counselling, trainers at their local gym, nutritionists.

Why should the Surf be treated differently?

At Surf4 You we follow each one of you in a personalized way, increasing your aquatic and surf skills. So that you develop your innate abilities of self-confidence, humility, patience, among others.

Why should I choose Surf4 You over a surf school?

Our method focuses in one-to-one, personalized and small private groups. Our Groups have a maximum  of 4 people together with 2 surf coaches, so the attendance is secure, efficient, personalized and respecting the individuality. With this personalization, the dedication of each surf coach is more focused on the learning pace of each one of you.Learn at your own pace. Our focus is entirely on You. Surf4 You is the choice for people that want to achieve their own goals as a surfer and as a person.

Where should I stay?

We have several options for you to stay, quite close to the famous beach break, Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

How long is a surf session with Surf4 You?

Each surf session have its time, your time.This session have an introduction to the sea conditions, knowledge of the equipment, safety and ethics in water, technical analysis and post feedback and as always a lot of Surf and good vibes! From our experience the time that each of our students are in the water is aprox. 2 hours.

How many people will be surfing with me?

Surf4 You are specialized in personal surf coach. If you want it to be just you, it will be just you. However if you want to have a surf session with friends or family, bring 3 friends or acquaintances (Maximum of 4 people per surf session).

What´s included in my surf session?

You will have an experienced and fully qualified Personal coach, a ride to and from the beach or reef break. In a surf session it´s included the softboard, wetsuit and personal accident insurance.For advanced surfers it´s recommended to bring their own equipment. All customized sessions are tailored to your specific needs and will be adapted according your evolution plan.

How much does Personal surf coaching costs per session?

Our prices depend if you are booking one half-day, a full day coaching, or if you are booking for a family/group pack, 5 days pack, 10 days pack. Our prices are per person and also depend on whether your personal surf session is “one to one” or with a couple of your friends. (Maximum 4 people).Please look in our prices page or email us for a quote.

How do I book?

Contact us to request a quote and we will take it from there. 20% of the booking cost is required to reserve a booking and the remaining amount is required at the surf session day.

What days are Surf4 You open?

Due to exceptional conditions that Portugal offers to all who visit us year round, Surf4 You are open from February to December.

What is Surf4 You cancellation policy?

Your payment will be fully refunded if you advise us a minimum of 30 days before your surf sessions are due to begin.

Are there any special requirement to learn how to surf?

Surfing is done in the water (yes, really!), so you should be a confidante swimmer. The most important are your determination and will, these are the key factors to develop your surfing skills.

What should I bring to my surf sessions with Surf4 You?

Will and Want to, just that. Additionally, we recommend that you bring a beach towel, sunscreen, and a pair of board shorts for the Men and bikini or bathing suit for the Women. The wetsuit, the soft board and our surf coach are included.

How do I find Surf4 You?

We are based in Nazaré, Portugal.

See our guide getting to Surf4 You.

More questions? Please contact us.