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The idea comes from Miguel who share the passion for the Ocean and for the Surf. From a very early age he has been surfing in Nazaré and with several years of experience in teaching surf in its most varied forms. From beginners to advanced surfers.

Like many of us, life often separates us from our real essence, leads us through many paths up to the point of intersection in which we question and “Now, what gives meaning to my life in professional terms?”, “What is my purpose?”,questions which assailed my mind and to which I needed answers.

Miguel, after 12 years as a mechanical Engineer, partner and manager of a Swedish company in the mold making industry in Portugal, came to this intersection, all his needs were satisfied but not the need of helping people to develop their own personal and surfing skills.

Since childhood the sea of Nazaré is his secound home. He started at age 8 in the practice of bodyboarding and a little bit later with surfing.

Joining the taste for the Ocean and for the Surf, and helping people in their personal development, emerges Surf4 You as the solution for all of those who want to improve themselves through personalized surf sessions.
Through the practice of the sport and Art, that Surf is, we want each of you to attain perfect hamony with the Ocean. In Surf4 You, we focus in achieving your overall goals. Each moment that we provide to you will be helpful in your personal and professional life.

With our Personal Surf coaching, we work with each one of you on the basis of the “One to One” coaching, increasing your abilities as surfers and as persons.

“In every moment of surfing, the focus is You.”


Develop your innate skills of self-confidence, humility, patience, respect, resilience and perseverance, trough moments of surfing.

Based in our method of the “one to one” surf coaching, you will learn faster and surf better. You will benefit from the following:

  • Development of your surf and water skills.
  • Flexible learning Pace meeting the needs of every one of You.
  • Flexible Hours & Locations according with your personal schedule.

Our coaching is perfect for busy professionals, who have a limited amount of time and want an intense and rewarding surf moment.


“Trough Surf, You create a bridge of Unity with yourself. Giving you awareness and clarity within the world that surrounds You.“

We want that each one of You will face life as the moments that we are in the water. A person with integrity and consciousness that shares the Surf’s Way of life.