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The words placed here are the reason for us to always make better for all of You that choose Surf4 You as your friend in the next surf session:

Had an incredible introduction to surfing, in Nazare, Portugal with Surf4You. Transportation to the beach is provided from their surf shop and the shallow, sandy beach was perfect spot to learn.
Instructors were really helpful, clear with their coaching and all around, fun guys to learn from. A top notch experience in Nazaré.
Hondo, Toronto, Canada
The best surf school in Nazaré. A great experience and an amazing team! Don’t miss the opportunity to start surfing with them, always positive and very professional.
Gardenia Fresneda, Madrid, Spain
This is the third surf school I took classes with so far. And it was by far the best experience. Miguel and Diogo were excellent teachers. They gave good advice and helped us develop quickly. There was a good balance in helping us and making us more independent.

We had 5 days of classes in the bay of Nazare. The waves were perfect for our rather beginner level. Not too big, not too small. On another day, as requested, we went to another beach with some bigger waves. We wanted to try something big, maybe slightly above our level. Feel what it is to ride a big wave. And they made it work and managed perfectly to help us in this “wilder” water.

Above that, those guys are really nice, friendly and fun.

Great experience! I will go back!

Gregory, Brussels, Belgium
I enjoyed private lessons with my Surf Coach Miguel from Surf4 You in Nazaré, Portugal. He is professional , take always attentions to me and give me challenges. It is genius, I learned more in few hours, than one week in a surfcamp.
I coach and train on my Pilates machines, in my Studio in Boon, Germany. It is the best preparation for surf and other sports.
Jeanne Schaefer- Groebel , Pilates Loft Bonn, Germany
While staying in Nazare for my holidays I decided to get some surfing lessons and these were provided by Surf4 You. Patient and skilled, they offered a great learning experience coupled with a lot of fun. It was not long before I was in the “barrel” on my bodyboard, with a smile from ear to ear.
Nazare was the best part of my Portuguese holiday and Surf4 You helped make it a great experience.
Daniel Connor, BlackHead, Australia
While in Nazaré I had the pleasure to surf a few times with Miguel of Surf4 You and the experience was just fantastic. Surfing with Surf4 You is feeling the ocean, feel a person who is passionate about what he does, supporting me 100% in the technical moves but also going beyond that, always wanting that you fell what he feels while surfing a wave, which is a unique and unforgettable feeling. Don´t miss the opportunity to learn Surf with this brilliant team !!! Thank you Surf4 You!
Ricardo Soares, Cancun, México
Best surf instruction experience I’ve ever had. Everything exceeded expectations. Miguel was our instructor and managed our group of 5 with patience and kindness. He was very professional and everything was easy to set up via email ahead of time. He took us to a great beach for our skill level. He took time with each of us to help us gain specific skills and he made sure we were safe and helped us to have a great time. I only wish that I lived closer so I could take a few more lessons! Would highly recommend this experience make it on everyone’s portugal trip plans! Go to Nazaré and Visit Surf4 You!
Karisa Archer, Los Angeles, U.S.A
I am 45 years old and had always wanted to surf but never had the opportunity.
In fact we were 4 adults and 3 kids who all wanted to try our hand at the sport and all of us found the teaching, patience, and kindness of Miguel astonishingly good. Surfing is a difficult sport but their way of teaching, starting with stretches then their famous “chicken wing” method of placing yourself on the board in order to do the hardest part – standing up – helped us all manage to do just that after just a few lessons and plenty of practice. What I also appreciated was how zen these guys were – no macho posturing with these two, just lots of encouragement, patience and good advice. We felt zen after every lesson and fully understand why people are passionate about the sport. The kids were especially delighted. We loved it so much we have booked to come back to Nazaré next year to repeat the experience. Highly recommended.
Channa Galhenage, Paris
It was a nice surprise. Never thought I’d come to be a fan of surfing, but I did, and all thanks to Surf4 You and his instructors, more than that they are “friends”. The session was great, I never thought that in my first session I could stand on a surfboard, but I could !!! Thanks Surf4 You!
José Murraças, Sines, Portugal
During my three weeks trip I did surf lessons with three different surf schools in Portugal and Surf4 You was my absolute favourite. Miguel really know what he is doing. He is professional and give special attention to each and every of their customers. Not only did I learn a lot during these lessons but I also had a lot of fun. At Surf4 You they keep the group sizes small so they can concentrate more on the individual and I think this is the main difference between Surf4you and many other surf schools. I already booked a new surf trip to Portugal this coming fall and I will be definitely surfing with Surf4you again!
Minna Makila, Rovaniemi, Finlândia
It was not the first, nor the second, nor the third, as we are used to hear. It was the fourth that I could put my feet on the board. “Go,” “Trust,” “Do not be afraid”, “You can do it.” And I got it … got to “fly” into the sea and land ashore. After all, surfing is a real experience, so real that I had to fail several times to feel the price of my victory. An experience to repeat one, two, three, four … as many times that the ocean call us.
Sara Vieira, Alcobaça, Portugal
These guys are frickin’ awesome. It’s like having a surf lesson with your mates. They are super patient, always willing to heap praise on you no matter how badly you screwed up.
We are actually staying an extra week in nazaré to keep on with the lessons. They really are that good.
Keep it up guys
Nick Fabbri, London, United Kingdom
Having Surf4 You coachs supporting us in our first wave is something that stays forever in our memories.
Lino Campos, Leiria, Portugal