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One to One Coaching

We offer surf sessions to one person or to small groups or family. All our attention is focused on you, so that your surf and personal skills will increase.

Flexible Hours

Rather than having fixed times for the surf sessions, we adapt to your needs and to the tides and moods of the Ocean, so you can surf in the best possible conditions. We gather this two factors in order to give you the best service.

Small Groups

We believe improvement is best achieved with Personal “one to one” sessions, but if you prefer to have the company of a friend or your spouse/family, then a small private group is ideal. You will have a dedicated coach for your small group with all the benefits of hiring a personal coach that is fully focused on your group’s progression. We advise a maximum of 4 surfers per small group in order to benefit from personal surf coaching (contact us if you are a group of 4 or more to discuss other options with us).

Different locations

With the knowledge and experience that we have of Nazaré coast line, we will pick you and take you to the best spot for the day based on the surf forecast and tides. As we works with “One to One Coaching”, we are able to change location at your request to find the best and most suitable waves for your level.
We offer our services in the beautiful beaches of Nazaré, from the main beach of Nazaré, passing by Praia do Norte where we are based, to nearby surfing spots.

Not a Surf School

Our method focuses in one-to-one, personalized and small private groups. Our Groups have a maximum of 4 people together with 2 surf coaches, so the attendance is secure, efficient, personalized and respecting the individuality. With this personalization, the dedication of each surf coach is more focused on the learning pace of each one of you. Learn at your own pace! The Focus is on You! We offer you full description in the service that we provide, through the interaction of our surf coach and You.

Customized Surf Sessions

Each one of us learns in different ways and at different speeds. At Surf4 You we are able to personalize each surf session to suit your individual needs. There is no large groups to consider, so we can move as quickly or slowly as you require. Our service is totally focus on You, so each surf session will be unique and fulfilling.