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Why choose Personal Surf Coaching

June 12, 2015

Based in Nazaré, Portugal, home of the world biggest ever wave ridden, Surf4 You is a specialist in creating, personalized surf-coaching packages. Our soul focus is to provide our customers with personal surf sessions and guiding that suits their individual needs. We make sure that our original and tested concept of personal coaching is now available for surfers as well. The coaching will be adapted to the surfer’s level and therefore any surfer can get nothing less than the maximum out of our method of coaching.
The advantages of personal surf coaching are massive. Having a highly trained professional observing and assisting you at all times will insure that you catch more waves, receive more relevant and immediate advice, and generally accelerate your learning curve.

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Personal coaching is flexible and personalized. That means you can be coached in our amazing coast line from Santa Cruz, Peniche, passing Nazaré where we are based, to São Pedro de Moel, whether it be just you for one-to-one personalized attention, or for you and your family, friends or colleges. Our programs aren’t generic, each one is unique and designed to suit your individual needs. In this way we are very different from a surf school. Our method focuses in one-to-one, personalized and small private groups. Our Groups have a maximum of 4 people together with 2 surf coaches, so the attendance is secure, efficient, personalized and respecting the individuality. With this personalization, the dedication of each surf coach is more focused on the learning pace of each one of you. Learn at your own pace! The Focus is on You! We offer you full description in the service that we provide, through the interaction of our surf coach and You.

With Surf4 You, You will receive extensive individual assistance and advice. We will work together to create the most relevant program to help you achieve your personal and surfing goals. Our surf coaches are passionate about surf and life coaching. They have extensive coaching experience, both as students and teachers, and understand the challenging but intensely rewarding process of getting there. Sharing the rewards of this process is why we create Surf4 You.

Our services

Personal – One to One Coaching
Small Groups ( Maximum Group of 4 people)
Training workshops
Surf Guiding

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