Yoga for surfers in Nazaré

April 15, 2017

It´s bean a while that we at Surf4 You were wondering how to complement our surf sessions with Yoga. It is not easy to find a Yoga teacher that is aware of the surfing demands and still wake up our inner self for relaxation, joy and fulfillment. Being a Yogi for only 5 months, I have discover that Yoga is much more than stretching, lengthening and releasing pressure in the spine, opening the chest and hips to help rebalance your body. It is a way of life just like surfing. Both life experiences will bring you inner peace, focus and Love. These are the first of many Yoga practises that we at Surf4 You have started with our friend and partner Sattva, Yoga teacher Dinamene Oliveira.

Keeping the focus on You, we bring Surf and Yoga to your Heart.

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