How We Coach

~ Discover our philosophy ~

How do we train our students?

“The teacher opens the door but you must walk through it yourself.”

– Chinese Proverb

We open the door to surfing, but we never leave You alone under any circumstance. It is up to each of you to explore your technical skills and evolve in a natural and gradual way.

At our school you will have personalized coaching, guaranteeing a quick evolution and lots of fun. Because many of the technical aspects of surfing are counterintuitive, with our lessons and our experienced coaches you can progress naturally and quickly.

All our coaches are certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, are experienced surfers, excellent communicators and experts in ocean safety.

We use a logical and analytical approach that demystifies surfing, allowing people of all ages and abilities to get started in this sport.

You will never hear us offering ambiguous advice or surfing language, instead we communicate with specific body movements simply and concisely.

In each class, you'll learn a specific skill, but more importantly, you'll know why you're learning it. This means that a clear map of exercises and skills will appear in front of you to keep you progressing.

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