About Us

~ Surf4 You ~

The Concept

Many of us live in search of a dream, that dream that makes us totally happy and that makes us real as human beings.

Miguel discovered that his previous work was not his dream, but the sea and surfing, which have been a regular presence in his life since he was 8 years old.
Today, this dream has become one of the most prestigious surf schools in Portugal, with its innovative teaching method, keeping the personal focus on each student.

Combining a taste for the Sea and Surf, and to help people in their personal development, Surf4 You appears as a solution for all those who, through a surf session, can collect the necessary tools to contemplate daily life in a confident way. We want each one to reach the perfect union with the ocean through the practice of a sport and art that is Surf.

At Surf4 You, through a personalized/flexible learning pace and according to your needs, we focus on achieving your goals, so that every moment we provide is useful in your personal and professional life.

With our method, we work with each individual on a “one to one” basis, in order to maximize their abilities/skills as a surfer and as a person.

“In every moment of surfing, the focus is on you”.

Our Mission

  • Develop your innate self-confidence, humility, patience, respect, resilience and perseverance skills through surfing moments.

  • Faster evolution of individual surfing based on the “one to one” method.

  • Development of your aquatic and sea knowledge skills.

  • Flexible learning pace meeting everyone's needs.

  • Flexible Hours according to your personal schedule. (Perfect for busy professionals who have a limited amount of time and want an intense and rewarding surfing time).

Our Purpose

“Through Surf, You create a bridge of Unity with yourself. Giving you awareness and clarity within the world that surrounds You.”

We want that each one of You will face life as the moments that we are in the water. A person with integrity and consciousness that shares the Surf’s Way of life.



~ Surf Coaching ~

In every moment of surfing, the focus is on you. Surf your wave, surf your life!

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