One to One

One to One

Here at Surf4 You, our passion is to provide the best possible surfing experience for all our students. We understand that each individual is unique and has different needs and goals when it comes to learning how to surf. That’s why we offer personalized individual surf lessons designed to meet your specific needs and maximize your progress in the water.


Our individual surf lessons are led by highly qualified, experienced, and passionate surf instructors. They will guide you step by step, ensuring that you feel safe, confident, and comfortable as you ride the waves. Our instructors are familiar with the best surf beaches and conditions in Portugal, and they will select the perfect location for your lessons, taking into consideration your skill level, the sea conditions, and your personal preferences.


By choosing an individual surf lesson at Surf4 You, you will have the instructor’s undivided attention throughout the entire session. This means you will receive personalized feedback and precise guidance to perfect your technique and achieve your surfing goals. We adapt to your learning pace, ensuring that you feel comfortable at each stage of the process.


Our individual surf lessons are suitable for all levels, from beginners who have never been on a surfboard to experienced surfers looking to refine their skills and master more advanced maneuvers. Whether you’re seeking a fun introduction to the world of surfing, want to improve your paddling and catch bigger waves, or are committed to enhancing your technical maneuvers, we are here to help you achieve your goals.


In addition to providing high-quality individual surf lessons, we also strive to create a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment. We understand that surfing is not just about conquering the waves but also about creating lasting memories and enjoying the connection with the ocean. At Surf4 You, you will find a community of passionate surfers who share the same energy and love for the sea.


So, if you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and fun, join us at Surf4 You. Contact us today to schedule your individual surf lesson and start enjoying everything that surfing has to offer. Let’s catch some waves together and make your surfing dream a reality!

One lesson


/per person

Just you and your surf instructor

Initiation pack

5 lessons


/per person

Just you and your surf instructor

Improvement pack

10 lessons


/per person

Just you and your surf instructor

Flexible Hours

Rather than having fixed times for the surf sessions, we adapt to your needs and to the tides and moods of the Ocean, so you can surf in the best possible conditions. We gather these two factors in order to give you the best service.

Different places, same Spirit

With the knowledge and experience that we have of the Nazaré coast line, we will pick you up and take you to the best place for you. Save time, efficiency and customization in finding the best surf spot for your surf. We operate on the fantastic beaches of Nazaré, passing by the famous Praia do Norte.

Customized Surf Sessions

We all learn differently and at different rates. At Surf4 You, each surf session is fully customized, meeting your individual needs. The service is totally focused on you, so that your surf session is unique and fulfilling.

It's not just a surf school

At Surf4 You we have groups with a maximum of 4 students and up to 2 Surf Coaches following the group. This method is for us more efficient, safe, personalized and more respectful of individuality. With this customization, the dedication of each Surf Coach is more focused on the Student learning pace. Learn at your own pace. The focus is 100% on you. Surf4You is the choice for people who want to have their privacy and individuality respected to achieve their goals as a surfer and as a person.

~ Our Teaching ~

Surfing is a way of life, aimed at those who want to achieve the perfect connection with the ocean and with themselves.

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